How does it work?

Students are advised, but not obliged, to take the Placement test, which will give them an approximate idea of their level of English. They are then free to choose from the 1000+ units of English available for them. They are advised to choose units from within their level, but are under no obligation to do so (unless the school requires that). Once they have studied for a time, they can take an end of level test, which consists of revision questions taken from units within that level. They can then move up to the next level. Of course students are free to choose units from whichever level they wish (if allowed by your school policy).

What about the courses?

Students can be given a course to work through by their teacher. These courses require a student to do each element of the course in a particular order, and students must attain a minimum level in each test to be able to proceed. There are at present 30 different courses, each concentrating on a different level of English and a different area of the language. Teachers can create customised courses for their students in as little as five minutes, by choosing elements from the 1000 units of English we have.

How many levels are there?

There are six levels which correspond to the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) framework for language learning competence. For more details of this visit their website:

(A0) Absolute Beginner CEFR Level A0
(A1) Elementary CEFR Level A1
(A2) Pre-intermediate CEFR Level A2
(B1) Intermediate CEFR Level B1
(B2) Upper-Intermediate CEFR Level B2
(C1) Advanced CEFR Level C1
(C2) Advanced Plus CEFR Level C2

How many units are there?

There are currently over 1100 units of content and new units are added on a weekly basis; the following breakdown of units by level and area


(80 exercises )

Daily Lesson

(947 exercises )


(1149 exercises )


(1021 exercises )


(853 exercises )


(375 exercises )


(49 exercises )


(67 exercises )


(224 exercises )


(299 exercises )


(60 exercises )


(26 exercises )


(18 exercises )


(77 exercises )


(53 exercises )


(28 exercises )


(158 exercises )

Business Grammar

(76 exercises )

Business Vocabulary

(225 exercises )

Business Functions

(27 exercises )


(105 exercises )

What do units consist of?

Most units follow a similar format:
1. Content/Introduction
2. Ten point multiple choice test
3. Feedback notes on student answers
4. Follow-up matching pairs, proofreading and gap-fill exercises.
As well as adding more units, new exercise types will be added every six months.

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