What else is in Lets Learn English?

Grammar Doctor:

The Grammar Doctor facility enables students or teachers to write in any question, based either upon something they have studied in the units or something they have encountered outside the program, and receive an answer in their email box 24 hours later. Questions can be sent to us or the school - it is up to you.

Dictionaries and glossaries:

At any time, anywhere on the site, if you don't know what a word means, just double-click on it. Up will pop a dictionary definition of the word in your own language! The English language dictionary even includes a sample pronunciation of the word!

Online TV

Receive the latest video news from the BBC, SKY and ITN (English news with a British Accent), updated every minute. British radio stations too - all streamed live online. This is an excellent way for students to hear authentic English and keep up with current events in the UK.

Teachers area:

The teachers area of the program includes teaching tips, a growing series of tips and tactics which teachers can use in their lessons. They are divided into the following areas: Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Pronunciation. There is also a helpful list of notable websites and online resources. We allow registered Teachers to add their own tips too - to help others - and anyone can comment on the tip and add their own personal experience.

Idiom and Joke of the week:

A commonly-used idiom is explained, its origin explored and a humorous context for the idiom created. A new idiom is displayed every week. Similarly a new joke is shown and explained each week. Users can comment on and discuss the idiom and joke to understand it better.

World Language School Database:

A growing list of language schools in every country of the world. Students looking for a language school in their city can search by country and city. Promote your school for free!

Socially Connected

All of Let's Learn English is 'socially aware' - That is, students can comment on , 'like' or share anything on the site with others by email or posting it onto Facebook, Google+, Yahoo or many other social networks. This draws attention to your school and draws their friends in to the learning process. Rather than having to remember yet another username and password, once registered, members can login using any of the world's most popular services to login with just one click!

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