What else is in Let's Learn English?


We want to make Let's Learn English more than just a collection of exercises for students to plod through, so we have created a games page for members to access. At present we have two online games students can use, Crossword Challenge and Textris, both multi-level versions of our CD Rom programs, designed to help students boost their vocabulary. See also our sister site: http://www.educationalsoftware.co.uk

Crossword Challenge:

An easy to use crossword generator which has features not found on other similar programs. Compiled by practising teachers, it features a 3300 word/phrase database, and Idioms/Collocations. There are six levels, ranging from False beginners to Advanced (Proficiency) level. Clues are similar to what you'd find in a learner dictionary, usually with an example of the word in context, in addition to a definition.


A multi-level, fun variation of the similarly-named world famous game, Textris tests students' abilities to distinguish between semantic, phonological and grammatical areas, by deciding the correct column in which to guide English words and phrases. A key feature of the game is that students receive feedback on their mistakes.

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