Customising Let's Learn English for your school's website.

What does this mean?

Schools can opt for a further partnership with us by having Let's Learn English in its entirety, branded for your school. We work with the school to make changes to the graphics and overall look of the site, so that it fits in with that of the school, and becomes a seamless extension to the school's website. The school thereby effectively gains the world's largest online bank of self-access materials, which at a stroke gives their website much more to offer prospective, existing or ex-students, yet it appears to all intents and purposes that those materials were created by the school itself. Updates made to the Let's Learn English site are automatically uploaded to the cloned site, so that it retains the immediacy of the original site. Schools are free to offer free access to the materials, or sell subscriptions to the site at cost price, or make a profit from subscriptions.

How much does the cloned option cost?

We charge a setup fee for the cloning and transfer of the site, and the incorporation of your school's logos, colours, graphics etc into the cloned site. This typically costs between £750 and £1000 as a one-off fee. Once this is done, all updates and technical support are automatic and are covered by a very small, nominal annual maintenance fee. Once the clone is ready, the cost of membership (for students) is then the same as for individual subscriptions.

Case study 2: English Unlimited, Poland

In the summer of 2006, English Unlimited, a prestigious group of ten schools in the Gdansk region of northern Poland, requested a customisation of Let's Learn English to be added to their website. The school was anxious both from a pedagogical point of view to extend the learning programme at the school and give students the option to continue their learning after their limited time in the school building, and, from a marketing standpoint, to greatly enhance the website of the school. By having a customised version on view at the company's website, potential students could see the quality of content and know that joining a course at the school would provide a similar quality of tuition. The Let's Learn English team worked closely with the staff at English Unlimited to ensure the self-access centre was carefully integrated into the main site, providing a seamless link from information and marketing, through to tuition. English Unlimited expect to recoup their expenses by charging a fee for students to access the site.
What I like about Let's Learn English is the way we can create courses from within the flexible structure for our own students' needs

Susan Barber, Lake School of English

Case Study 3: The Lake School, Oxford

The Lake School of English, who work very closely with Let's Learn English, requested that schools be able to create courses for students, so that instead of having a bewildering array of material to choose from, learners could be given a pathway through the units, which can be focused on their particular needs. To this end, LLE created a unique facility whereby schools can select individual units, or even sections of units from any part of the LLE syllabus, and create a course that students study unit by unit, the results being available for the teacher at any time. The Lake School now utilises this facility with students requiring specialised or remedial help, and is considering using the facility alongside an online tutor for distance learning courses.
To know more about site customisation Contact me, Angus Savory, by e-mail ( or phone (on +44 (0)1869 242011) and I'll let you have more information about how we can work together and how much it would cost. Alternatively, click here 'Ask for a Quote' at the bottom of this window to request a quote and discuss your requirements.

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